Printing QR Codes on CDs and DVDs

We’ve completed several CD & DVD printing orders where the client has included a QR code on their disc artwork.

QR Code for mediacopy URL URL

All our current CD and DVD printing processes will reproduce working QR codes. The inkjet printing process used on our Short run CD & DVD printing service is high resolution and prints on to White media as a default.

Screen printing in spot colour and Litho Printing your CDs and DVDs both give good results as in both cases artwork can be set up to print the ‘Black’ as a separate plate to give a sharp print.

Ideally your artwork should be set up to print QR Codes Black on White for maximum contrast.

Mediacopy contact details as a QR Code.

Mediacopy full contact details. More information = More dots.

Your other consideration will be the size of your QR Code.  A physically smaller printed QR code will be harder to read and may mean some lower specification camera phones will not be able to decode it.

The amount of information in the QR code also makes a difference. A QR Code containing a short URL is easier to read than one containing lots of characters, say full contact information in a V Card.  The minimum printed size for your QR Code will depend on the amount of data it contains & the camera trying to read it.


We’d recommend  testing your preferred size of QR Code with as many camera-phones as possible to ensure it works reliably.

Some more information on QR code sizing here:

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