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3D Printers.

3D Printers represent the start of a revolution in manufacturing & distribution. The ability to 'print' objects from digital files which themselves can be easily distributed is new and unique and promises much for the future.

Our range of 3d printers are aimed at small business and home office applications where affordable pricing combined with reliability and ease of use are key.

We give you 3d printers with 1 year warranties and technical support, both provided directly by the manufacturer. "Help straight from the horses mouth !"


Afinia are a division of Microboards, the same people who's duplication equipment we've sold for years and who's service and quality we can vouch for.

Their 3D Printer development started in 2009 with a focus on high quality, low cost, ease of use and the provision of customer support.

For your peace of mind, Service, Warranty and Support are provided centrally by a dedicated UK team, factory trained in the US.


Afinia H480

Afinia H480 3d printer

H480 with blue filament.

3d printer with warranty

best overall 3d printer

The H480 is an easy to use 3D Printer with "Out-of-Box" Setup and a Heated and Auto Levelling Platform.

The 3d printer comes with simple to install 3D Printer Software and uses inexpensive ABS plastic filament. It has a build volume of 140 x 140 x 135mm and utilises a heated build platform.

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps:

1. Install the Software

2. Load Filament

3. Calibrate Nozzle and Platform.

Link: Quick Start Guide

Link: Full 3d printer manual


Key Features:

Free lifetime tech support.

1 year warranty.

Ready to use Out-of-the-Box. Fully assembled.

Auto Levelling, Platform Calibration, and Nozzle Height Detection.

High quality, non-proprietary, inexpensive plastic filament.

Heated Platform.

Accepts .stl files plus UP3 and UPP formats.

Variable layer thickness and print speeds.

USB connection for file upload (Can be used stand alone once the job has started.)

A workbench accessory produced in ABS on the H480.



H480 3D Printer - £1050.00

Afinia ABS Filament roll - £32.00

PLA Filament roll - £21.00

Prices exclude delivery & VAT

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