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3D Printing Service.
3D Printing Service


We've created a new site & brand to support our 3D Printing Service.

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3D Printing Service.
  We've been reproducing digital media formats for over 20 years, stretching back to the early days of the micro computer industry. '3D Printing' is the latest in a long line of formats we've invested in.

3D Printing & Rapid prototyping.




3d printed brooch.

Solid 1 off objects or prototypes and moulding applications.

Send us your 3D design as a .STL file and we will print your design in 3D in a choice of materials and colours.

We give you a fast turn around service, typically 3 - 4 working days from receipt of your order and payment.

Our 3D printing equipment gives you a choice of colours & materials and a smooth surface finish.

3D printing means you can reproduce your design to a very high level of detail and incorporate moving parts. A high resolution of 28 micron means that tight tolerances and close fitting components are realistic.

Objects or parts printed at 28 micron in our 'Fine detail' service give you smooth surfaces and fine detail. 16 micron resolution is available for projects where you need ultra fine detail.

Our 'Strong Durable' service offers you the option of 3d printing in 'real' thermoplastics using the FDM 3d printing process. Materials include ABS, Polycarbonate and a range of materials with specific properties including certification for transport or medical applications.

The size of your 3d printed parts may be up to 490 x 390 x 200mm and it's easy to join smaller parts to form large objects. X and Y axis build resolution is 600 dpi while the Z-axis is 900 dpi.

Accuracy of your 3D printed part depends on the process with our 'Fine detail' Process giving better than 0.1mm (accuracy varies with geometry, part orientation and size).

Colours available:

Moving Parts ! A video showing how 3D printing can build objects containing multiple components, moving elements and fine tolerances. Remember this object which consists of many individual components was 'printed' in a single operation with no separate assembly process:

Chain with moving links. 3D printed.

3D printed 'chain' with free moving links.


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