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3d printing - section index
3D Printing Service


We've created a new site & brand to support our 3D Printing Service.

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Create individual, custom made parts and objects with our 3D printing and Rapid Prototyping service. We'll take your digital file and render it 'real'.

Utilising the latest technology, Our 3d printing service allows you to produce complex object with moving parts in a single operation with no separate assembly stage. 3D printing technologies give you a choice of build materials and resolution to match your requirements.

Simply email us your .STL file for a quote and turnaround.

3d printed engine block.

  Print 3D objects and parts in fine detail.

General overview of our 3D printing \ Rapid Prototyping service.


The process a 3D printing order follows, including notes how 3D printing and Rapid Prototyping processes work.

The material properties you need for your design will define the type of 3D printing or Rapid prototyping process you need.

Choose the right material for your 3d printed part.

Answers to your questions about 3D printing and Rapid Prototyping. If we've missed anything out let us know ! Get a quote. What we need from you to give you a price for printing your 3D part.

We produce 3D printed parts in Ture 'ABS'.

Rapid Prototyping \ 3D printing in Polypropylene like material. 28 micron print gives the best detail and finest surface finish in a range of materials.
  3D Printing machines to buy. Long Warrenties and Strong Technical Support.  
Customer comments for our CD, DVD Duplication & Print service.

3d printed cable guide. Fine

3d printed cable guide. Fine Detail service in Black.

Our CD, DVD & USB customers


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