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3D Printing Service - Build materials for strength - ABS.
3D Printing Service


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3D Printing in ABS. Strength & Durability.

3D Printing & Rapid prototyping in ABS.


ABS Part produced by Rapid Prototyping.

ABS part in Ivory.

For designs where you need strength & durability at the expense of some fine detail and surface finish we offer a process creating your designs using ABS material. In this process the ABS is 'squeezed' through a fine nozzle to build your design in 250 micron layers.

The surface finish has a fine texture where layers join and we recommend that wall thickness of features in your design should be in excess of 1mm to ensure integrity.

The key benefit of this process is that you can create individual pre production parts for testing in their final production material.


Our ABS based 3D printing and Rapid prototyping service gives your designs the following benefits:

  • Reasonably smooth surface finish. The fine layers of build material may be visible on the finished model.
  • Ivory colour as standard.
  • Will reproduce detail features and walls to 1mm minimum size.
  • A durable material giving high levels of accuracy, dimensional stability and toughness.
  • Print at 0.254mm (250 Micron) layers.
  • Fast turnaround with Next Day options on smaller parts.

This process creates your models and parts using a 'Fusion Deposition modelling' or 'FDM' process in an ABS material which is environmentally safe. Finished parts may be painted if required.

Colours:ABS 3D printed 'pepper pot' in white.

'pepper pot' printed in 250 micron layers in Ivory.

Our ABS rapid prototyping and 3D printing service gives you a range of colours:

  • Ivory (default)
  • White
  • Black
  • Dark Grey
  • Red
  • Blue
Ultra Fine build in 'ABS Like': For items where you need maximum detail and the smoothest surface finish we give you the option of producing your parts in an 'ABS Like' material at either 0.028mm (28 Micron) 0.016mm (16 Micron) layers using an alternative additive layer manufacturing process. Please call or Email for material specifications.
Material Properties: Click for the physical properties of our 3d Printing materials.

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