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3D Printing Service - Get a Quote.
3D Printing Service


We've created a new site & brand to support our 3D Printing Service.

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Get a Quote.

3D Printing & Rapid prototyping service bureau.

Your 3D part design is unique, which means that in order to give you a quote we need to see the .STL File for your design.

The price of printing your 3D part will depend on:

  • Size of the part
  • Amount of material used in it's creation
  • Finishing time required.

If you have any specific requirements, materials, processes or need an ultra fine 16 micron finish let us know and we'll allow for this in your quote.

We aim to get your quote back to you within a couple of working hours of receiving your .STL file.

Please email .STL files upto 4Mb to info@mediacopy.co.uk

For files larger than 4Mb we recommend the www.mailbigfile.com service to our our clients.




We'll try and complete your order as fast as possible as standard. This is usually 3-7 working days from confirmation of your order and receipt of payment and file OK. Turnaround does vary depending on workflow and process.

If you are working to a specific deadline let us know and we'll work with you to meet it.

Contact: phone: 01952 820453 | email: info@mediacopy.co.uk | SMS text: 07781472088 | Like mediacopy on Facebook | Follow us on Linked in. | Follow us on Twitter.

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