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3D Printing Service - Build materials
3D Printing Service


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3D Printing. The best material for you ?
3D Printing & Rapid prototyping.

3D Printing and "Rapid Prototyping" offers designers a choice of materials & build processes by which to 'print' their designs. The best material for your design will depend on how you intended to use the printed part.

Your key questions are:

  • Do you need a specific material or properties for your part?
  • Do you need a smooth surface finish and fine detail ?

We offer a range of materials 3D printed using several technologies. To keep it simple we've grouped them according to their primary properties:

Smooth \ Fine Detail:

Smooth \ Fine Detail: Our default service gives your designs the following benefits:

  • Very smooth surface finish.
  • Fine detail reproduction.
  • Print at 0.028mm (28 Micron) layers & 900 dpi - Z axis. 600 dpi X and Y axis.
  • 16 Micron layer option for ultra fine detail.
  • Choice of colours.
  • 'Rubber Like' & 'Clear' material options.
Polypropylene Like: Polypropylene Like. Our 'Polypropylene like' 3D printing material is ideal for pre production parts requiring a softer, more flexible material.
ABS. Tough & Durable:

ABS. Tough & Durable. Our 'True' ABS build material which is ideal for parts that need to be tougher, more durable or have more heat resistance.

  • 'Smoothish' surface finish (may be finely ribbed).
  • Detail elements to 2mm.
  • Print at 0.254mm (250 Micron) layers.
  • Choice of colours.
  • Polycarbonate, HST, High Temp & Bio compatible options.


Full Colour:

Where your key requirement is a multi colour finish for your designs we provide a 'Plaster' based production method.

Due to the nature of the material this best suits parts with low strength requirements which are intended primarily for visual representations & presentations.

Material Properties: Click for the physical properties of our 3d Printing materials.

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