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'Polypropylene like' 3D printing. Flexibility.

3D Printing in Polypropylene like material.


3d printing & rapid prototyping in polypropylene .

pp / polypropylene 3D printed part.

Our 'Polypropylene like' 3D printing material is aimed at designs requiring a polypropylene-like appearance, flexibility, strength and toughness.

'PP like' gives you a 'softer' rigid material making it very good for producing parts that feature snap-fit fasteners or living hinges. It is more robust than our standard materials as it is less brittle.

Ideal for rapid prototyping prototypes and pre production parts. Our PP like 3D printing service gives your parts:

  • Very smooth surface finish.
  • 'opaque' white colour.
  • Fine detail.
  • High levels of accuracy & dimensional stability.
  • Softer, flexible material properties.
  • Build objects with moving parts & fine tolerances.
  • Print at 0.028mm (28 Micron) layers & 900 dpi - Z axis. 600 dpi X and Y axis.

We '3d print' using an acrylic based photopolymer material which is environmentally safe. Finished parts may be painted if required.

Material Properties: Click for the physical properties of our 3d Printing materials.

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