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3D Printing Service - Build materials
3D Printing Service


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3D Printing. Smooth surface, Fine Detail.

3D Printing & Rapid prototyping with fine detail.



3d printed lock parts.

Prototype window furniture parts printed in Blue.

Our standard 3D printing service reproduces your designs with a smooth surface finish and allows for fine details using a 'white' acrylic based photopolymer material.

The 3D printing \ Rapid prototyping process is highly accurate and enables fine detail and thin walls.

The material has toughness, dimensional stability and gives excellent detail visualisation and gives your parts the following benefits:

  • Very smooth surface finish.
  • 'Clean' white colour as standard (other colours available).
  • Fine detail.
  • High levels of accuracy, dimensional stability and toughness.
  • Build objects with moving parts & fine tolerances.
  • Print at 0.028mm (28 Micron) layers & 900 dpi - Z axis. 600 dpi X and Y axis.

Your parts are printed using a photopolymer jetting technology using acrylic based photopolymer materials which is environmentally safe. Finished parts may be painted if required.


3d printed scale model parts. 3d printed scale model designs for a moulding application.

In addition to our standard 'White' we can also provide materials in other colours which can give added visual contrast to your designs:

  • Blue
  • Black
  • Grey
  • White with Polypropylene like properties.

The 'propeller' image to the left shows the 'blue' material. The individual blades are very thin and become opaque towards the tips.

Rubberised. A range of rubber like materials look after 3D printed parts that need flexibility.


Our new 'clear' material gives designers a truly transparent resin which can be used for lenses and to simulate acrylic. Combined with a dye it's also great way to produce custom manufactured indicator lenses for classic cars and bikes.

Ultra fine build. For items where you need maximum detail and the smoothest surface finish we give you the option of printing at 0.016mm (16 Micron) layers.
Material Properties: Click for the physical properties of our 3d Printing materials.

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