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USB Flash Drives printed & copied
USB Flash Drives in Colour

USB stick branded with a dome label

USB flash drive in Black with Logo

USB  Memory in Purple

Purple USB memory stick

Choose literally any colour for your USB Flash drives or Memory sticks.

Order in excess of 500 units and we will mould the plastic body of the of your USB Sticks to match a specific pantone colour.

This is perfect for Branding applications and your USB memory will be further enhanced with a colour 'dome' label.

Don't forget that we can duplicate and write protect your data at the point of manufacture.

Duplication Grade

Our 'Duplication Grade'™ USB 2.0 Flash Drive is made with the highest quality Samsung Flash Memory and is much faster than equivalent USB 1.0 Flash Drives.

The metal 'swivel' protects the connector and provides an stable base for printing on or to place a label on.

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