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USB Flash Drives printed & copied
Write Protected USB Flash Drives

USB pen drive - write protected.

USB flash drive in Purple

Ensure that your valuable presentation and data is not deleted from your promotional USB drives by choosing our 'write protect' option.

Your data is added to the USB memory sticks at the point of manufacture and recorded in a separate 'CDROM' style partition. This means that it's safe from deletion or modification and will be available to your customer for the life of the USB Flash drive.

Importantly any unused space on the USB Flash is available to your customer for saving and reading files as per a normal USB stick.

This adds value to your promotion and means that your USB stick will stay close to your customer for longer.

We can also add an 'auto start' function to your data if required.

'Duplication Grade'™ USB media

Our 'Duplication Grade'™ USB 2.0 Flash Drive is made with the highest quality Samsung Flash Memory and is much faster than equivalent USB 1.0 Flash Drives.

The metal 'swivel' protects the connector and provides an stable base for printing on or to place a label on.

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