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Duplication and Print for ever changing media formats.

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Sabre Software Development is one of the few remaining 'original' UK data duplication companies.

Our name harks back to 1989 when David Tapley founded the business to develop & market software copy protection systems and we soon started to offer Software duplication services, copying & printing 'old skool' 5.25" floppy disks.

Prior to founding Sabre at the tender age of 21, David had previously worked in the data duplication industry, starting out as a 'mastering engineer' recording early cassette based games for the from first generation home computers and went on on to manage a new disk duplication facility.

With David's entire working life having (sadly?) been spent in the duplication industry, our clients benefit from a wealth of practical experience, ensuring orders are completed with as little drama as possible.

We are based in a small Shropshire village, which benefits from being close to the 'high-tech' new town of Telford. Telford boasts first class communication links and a strong supplier base of high technology companies.

Sabre has grown organically since its inception, and is now a major supplier of duplication services to carefully selected market segments. We are a major niche supplier to the software, design and new media industries and have completed work for many of the major UK consumer brands.

Our diskette duplication services helped many of the FTSE 100, banking and financial services companies during their Year 2000 preparations. Later our CD duplication and printing facilities helped many new Internet start-ups companies providing them with marketing and promotional CDs and DVDs.

Our current client base is truly diverse ranging, from LEAs to NHS Trusts, Schools & Colleges, from Software Developers to Creative Agencies, from Bands and Musicians through to Film and Video makers.

As you can see, we've kept pace with the ever changing media formats and now offer duplication and print for USB Flash Drives / Memory sticks:

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