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Customer Service:

Here at Sabre we strive to give you an excellent service and high quality products at a fair price.

Some recent informal market research showed our client's benefit again and again by using us over our competitors.

Turnaround Our local manufacturing facilities give us a real advantage over our competition. You will typically save 2 days on our CD Pressing service, 3-4 days (or more) on our CD-R Screen printing and 2-3 days on standard CD-R duplication. We aim for a 'Next Day' service for basic CD-R and DVD-R Duplication with NO EXTRA CHARGE.
Urgent Jobs

We turn every job around as fast as we can.

You will not pay any fast-turnaround surcharges. If you have a specific duplication or printing deadline, we WILL do all we can to meet it.

See our cd and dvd case studies for examples

Front-End Sales

You will be able to accurately establish what's possible and what's not through our knowledgeable sales people. If you are doing a CD or DVD project for the first time, we will 'hand held' you through the process so that the product you receive at the end of the project is what you envisaged at the start.

During office hours we aim to confirm you enquiry with an emailed quote within 2 hours.


Sabre have been in the duplication business for over 15 years, and David Tapley, founder and Managing Director has never worked in any other industry.

We know the pitfalls. Clients have no fear of being used as a learning experience by a new player in the duplication business.


Clients can be reassured by the previous work we have done.

Our Disks, CDs, DVDs, Cassettes, Videos and USBs have been used by our clients servicing most of the FT100, including high street banks & building societies, the British film industry and major retail brands.

Contact: phone: 01952 820453 | email: info@mediacopy.co.uk | SMS text: 07781472088 | Like mediacopy on Facebook | Follow us on Linked in. | Follow us on Twitter.

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