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Order process for CD and DVD duplication
  Ready to Order ?

We want your order to go through production without a hitch. We also want to give you the best service in the industry.

To help you to help us, in this endeavour, we've listed below our "Five Golden Steps" to service satisfaction. Stick to these and we'll pull out all the stops for you.

If there is anything that's unclear, if you need help or if you have any questions, please drop us an email or give us a call. We'll do our best to help.

Your Order:
  • Confirm the type of the job you want us to do. (CD, DVD, USB).
  • Confirm the quantity you want.
  • Tell us how many colours you need printing (1, 2, 3, 4 or Full colour.).
  • Let us know your packaging needs.
  • Tell us where you want them sent to, and when.

We will confirm the exact final price with a Pro Forma invoice so that you can arrange payment.

Your Master:

New Duplication or Copy jobs require a Master disc. This is usually an original CD or DVD that you have tested and are confident works as you expect. If you send us this original we can then use it as the basis for Duplication and ensure our duplicates are the same.

We do not recommend sending Masters via FTP or Email except in an emergency.

Should time be tight and you need to send a Master electronically we recommend creating a ISO file using your favourite recording software. Send the ISO file to us using the www.mailbigfile.com service and then create a disc from the that file at your end and test it. We'll create a Master here, and duplicate on your OK.

Your Artwork

The quality of our printing is directly related to the quality of your artwork. To help you get the optimum print result we've provided you with comprehensive guidance on this website. See the HOW TO section for links.

There are separate sections for CD & DVD Artwork. Also look at our FAQs found in the same section.

Send high resolution EPS or PDF files with 'fonts set to outline\curves' set up as per the guidance in the artwork guidelines. Emailed artwork is generally OK, and for large files we recommend the free www.mailbigfile.com service.

If you are having trouble sorting out your artwork we can help. Just drop us an email and we will advise you. We can make up your artwork for a fee if that is a better choice for you.

Intellectual Property Rights:

To help protect you from possible litigation from copyright owners we may ask you to complete an IPR form to confirm the ownership of the content on your master. If you are planning to produce music we will also need Clearance from MCPS - (t. 020 8378 7744).

We've introduced this procedure because Duplication companies are now becoming the target of litigation by the music and software industries in cases where product has been copied without permission from the copyright owners.

Download our IPR form from here.

Your Payment:

Our standard terms of trade are 'Cheque or BACS payment with order'.

We will provide a Pro Forma invoice to tell you the total price for your job, assuming that there are no changes during production.

We operate on a 'Cheque with order' basis as we've found that with even for very large PLC companies it can take an excessive amount of time to pay us. We're a small company and non or late payment hurts us. Unless you have an active credit account with us, we will need to receive your payment prior to shipping your order.


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