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CD Artwork for digital print
Digital & Laser Artwork

For CDs & DVDs. Please read in conjunction with our general artwork guidelines.


CD-R Black Inkjet print onto White media.
  • Please forward details of the text you need printing on the CD with a guide as to layout. We will set the text and insert any logo.
  • Logo's should be Black and White.
  • If you require a logo send it as a hi-res PC readable .jpg file
CD-R Colour Inkjet Print.
  • Please send a PC readable hi-res Jpeg file (300 dpi minimum.)
  • Check the image you send prints cleanly at actual size.
  • Image Size: 118mm outer diameter (118mm x 118mm squ.)
  • We will remove the centre and email you a pdf visual for your OK.
  • Allow 4mm type clearance from the outer and inner edge.
  • Please do NOT bleed off the edges and remove Key Lines
  • Ensure file is cropped to the edge of the printable image and is square.
  • Our standard Digital print CD-R has a white base.
Business Cards Due to supply shortages we may not be able to offer a digital printing for CD business cards. Please call to confirm the current situation.

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