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CD Booklet artwork

CD Booklets & Backliners

(Litho Print & Digital Print)

To fit standard CD Jewel Cases. We litho print our Jewel Case inserts in full colour using the CMYK process. If you send a Spot colour design you may incur an extra charge. For smaller runs we give you a digital print option.

Please read in conjunction with our general artwork guidelines.


CD Insert - rear tray

Backliner, showing spines and main panel.

BACKLINERS - Printed CMYK 1 side only. NOT printed reverse. Spines perforated (Litho) or creased (digital).

Overall Size: 151mm wide x 117.5mm high.

Spines: 6.5mm each side

Main back panel: 138mm wide x 117.5mm high.

Allow 3mm Bleed all round on trim edges

Allow 3mm type clearance all round (2mm Spines)

CD front booklet - 4 page

4 page front insert (showing fold)

CD front booklet - 2 page

2 page front insert

FRONT BOOKLETS / INSERTS - Printed CMYK front. Black reverse.

2 page size: 120.5mm w x 119.5mm high.

4 page size: 241mm x 119.5mm landscape, folded. CMYK outside, black inside.

Allow 3mm Bleed all round on trim edges.

Allow 3mm Type clearance all round (inc. fold)

If your design calls for a 2 page 4/4 colour print it is cheaper for you to print a 4 page 4/0 booklet, which gives the same effect.

Pagination. Pages should be arranged as printers pairs, 2 pages per 120mm x 240mm. The pairs for an 8 page booklet would be arranged:

8 - 1, 2 - 7, 6 - 3, 4 - 5 working from the cover in.



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