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CD and DVD litho printing
  Offset Litho Printing for CD and DVD-Rs.

Very high quality print for DVDs and CDs

Our NEW process brings high quality 'Offset Litho' printing to recordable media, reproducing your designs in stunning full colour quickly, in small runs of just 50 or more.

Until now this premium quality printing process was reserved for 'Pressed' or 'Replicated' CDs and DVDs in quantities of 500 or more.

litho printed CD

offset litho is ideal for reproducing skin tone

You get a higher quality print, directly on to the disc, with fine detail and more accurate colour. If your design contains faces and skin tones you should opt for litho printing.

Litho's enhanced CD & DVD print quality presents your product and design in their best possible light, supporting your quality image at “point of contact” with your target market.

If you are new to printing CDs and DVDs the terms can be a little confusing. You can get yourself up to speed on these issues by visiting




  There’s a host of information in there about printing and other aspects of CD and DVD production. Contact us for a quote next time you need a truly high quality CD or DVD print.

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