DVDs for Baby Scanners. Pre printed DVDs for Baby Scanning companies.

Baby scanning companies across the UK use our CD and DVD Printing services to produce custom printed & branded blank CDs and  DVDs which are recorded with scanned images and given to their clients.

Baby scanning services use Ultrasound technology to produce images of the unborn baby.  Several images can be combined to produce ‘3D’ images while a series of 3D images can be recorded to form a ‘4D’ record covering a period of time.

Clients of the scanning service receive a copy of the images on CD or DVD depending on the size of the images.

Baby scanning companies use our CD and DVD Printing service to produce their own branded media onto which they record images for their clients. Our Litho printed CDs and DVDs give a ‘Retail Quality’ reproduction of their brand and logo and add value to their service to their clients.

Screen and Litho printing is the technique used to print CDs and DVDs sold on the high street and our flexible production means that Baby Scanning companies can order as few as 50 CDs or DVDs at a time.

Litho printing gives our client full colour, colour accurate disks while screen printing gives a lower priced one or two colour option. For Ultra short runs we can digitally print blank media in batches of 20 plus.

Importantly we can advise on the type of DVDs needed for your scanning machine. We will provide sample discs for you to try, to ensure your printed order will work without a hitch.

Choosing the incorrect type of CDs or DVDs will mean they will not work on your machine.  This is a particular problem with DVD media but we will ensure you choose the best media for your machine.

For more information and prices please call or email now.

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