Low cost EPs and Albums for bands.

In this new world of digital downloads there is still a place for Physical CDs to help Bands and Musicians promote their work and make some cash.

The trick for Musicians is to choose a way of producing your CDs which is cost effective but at the same time does not saddle you with lots of stock you might not sell.

Printing CDs and the associated packaging works the same as any other print or manufacturing project – the more you make the cheaper the unit cost will be.  If you think there is any chance of selling\using 1000 copies of your EP or Album then ‘Pressing’ your CDs is the way to go.

But don’t despair. Our core business is producing EPs and Albums on CD for bands and musicians in qty’s of 20 and up which gives you the option of making just what you need.

Our Inkjet CD-R Printing gives good results and is ideal for producing CDs in small runs making ‘little and often’ orders a reality.

Standard CD packaging is available to you off the shelf including PVC Wallets, the classic CD Jewel Case and the Slimline CD Jewel Case, again reducing the need to order lots of stock.

Colour printed inserts for CD Packaging can be printed in small quantities with the minimum being 20.  At these quantities Front and Rear inserts for Jewel Cases are produced & priced separately. With this in mind here are some Top Tips !

  • Slimline 5.2mm CD Cases only need a Front Insert. This saves you £££’s when producing music CDs in quantities of less than 100.
  • Clear PVC wallets with a Front Inserts are a low cost way of producing very presentable Promo CDs. They are slim too, so not only do you save on the packaging & print, but also on postage if you are sending them out.
  • If you do 100 or more CD Inserts and Tray liners ask for 1000 Litho printed sets. The cost is about the same, so you effectively get 900 free pairs to use on any re-runs.

Finally, Colour printed CD Card Wallets are a popular choice for musicians producing EPs and Albums. They look very nice and are easy to mail out.

For quotes or advice feel free to give us a call or drop us an email.



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