Print CDs and DVDs on Demand.

Publishers of all sizes need to keep stocks to a minimum while being able to support their back catalogue of titles.

Physical CD and DVD titles provide an important revenue stream for publishers yet can be bulky to store when ordered in quantity and for low volume titles ordering in bulk is not realistic.

Our flexible, short run CD and DVD Duplication service give you the best of both worlds.  You can Print and copy CDs and DVDs in very low quantities. Consolidate them with Litho printed inserts or Card Wallets while standard plastic based CD and DVD packaging is available ‘off the shelf’ meaning that stocks can be kept to a minimum.

Our CD & DVD printing and copying service means that orders as few as 10 discs is a realistic proposition. Combine that with ‘Stock’ Litho printed inserts (1000 Litho printed inserts are about the same price as 100 digitally printed ones) and you have a production solution that’s flexible while minimising cash tied up in stock.

Digital inkjet CD and DVD printing gives a high quality result in full colour so presentation is not compromised.

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Printed, Duplicated DVD, Litho printed DVD Wrap, and DVD Case.

Printed, Duplicated DVD, Litho printed DVD Wrap, and DVD Case.

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