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Our clients produce a wide range of content for a host of different industries and applications. Often working to short, fixed deadlines our clients rely on us to deliver high quality duplicated media on time.

Below are some short case studies demonstrating the lengths we have gone to in order to get our customers duplication delivered on time.

We don't offer outrageous guarantee's, we are simply a small company that will go out of it's way to do its best for you.

Client: Job:

London Creative Agency......................... Launch CD for new British movie.


Our client was tasked to produce a promotional CD in support of the launch of a new British movie. The CDs were to be handed out at the after premier party, making the final delivery date immovable.

The brief called for CDs screen printed in 3 colours and duplicated. Time scales were extremely tight, with us eventually producing finished CDs as per the brief in less than 8 hours from receipt of the final master and artwork. Our usual quoted lead time is 3 - 4 working days.

Client: Job:

Midlands Multimedia Agency. ............. ... Film Distribution Promotional CD.


To support the launch of a new British film at the Cannes Film Festival, our client was contracted to design and produce a promotional CD. The original time scale called for a 'marginal' turnaround which we could not absolutely guarantee.

Our client selected an alternative supplier who did 'guarantee' the turnaround. After a few days our client re-established contact to say the new supplier couldn't in-fact meet the deadline. Could we help?

Again, we said that we would do our best, and produced the CDs using our 'fast turnaround' service over a weekend. We shipped directly to Cannes, and the CDs arrived at the venue with 3 hours to spare.

The Promotional CD helped the film gain a distribution deal in Japan.

Client: Job:

Midlands Technology Research Organisation. Technology Services CD


Our client required a large run of CDs at short notice to support their stand at a continental trade show.

We produced the original CD artwork and still delivered screen printed and duplicated CDs in time for the show. The CDs were so popular that we produced 2 further batches using our 'fast turnaround' service DURING the course of the trade show which were distributed to potential customers from the show stand.

Client: Job:

London Software Developer.... .............. Computer Training CDs.


Let down by their first choice of CD duplicator our client was desperate to manufacture their Training CD product, and mail out to their waiting customers.

We understood the need for urgent action, took on the order, reworked our clients original artwork and delivered finished product (Duplicated, Full Colour screen printed CDs, Jewel Cases and Printed Inserts) in double quick time.

To ease distribution for our client we hold stock of their product and mail out directly to their customers, working from e-mailed address lists.

Client: Job:

Local Authority Design Department. ....... Recruitment CD.


Our client was tasked to design a CD containing the application forms for a senior position within their organisation. The CD was part of a pack that would be sent to applicants for the post. The brief called for a full colour screen print on to CD with a fixed delivery date, due to adverts already placed in the national press.

The time available to us for production was severely reduced by revisions to the CD artwork prior to printing. Despite this we were still able to print and duplicate our clients CDs which were delivered on time.

Client: Job:

Slough based Design Agency...................... CD Business Cards (Global Software Brand)


Our client was briefed to design and supply a 'last minute' order of screen printed and duplicated CD Business Cards for their client, a global software brand.

The completed cards were due to be flown directly to America for a trade show, giving us an immovable deadline. By choosing our 'Short Run / Fast Turnaround' service our clients received their order with a day to spare, giving them extra time to consolidate the CDs with the remainder of the pack.

Client: Job:

Hampshire based Ad Agency..................... Brand Guideline's (Global Credit Card Co)


Brand Guideline's on CD are convenient way for clients to manage how the visual presentation of brands under their control is implemented.

Our client was concerned that some visual elements of their client brand may not screen print effectively. We suggested a trial run to test the print and allow sign off from our customers client.

The trial run was successful and the end client was able to see a real representation of the final CD print. An order for several thousand CDs with Card Wallets followed.


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