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Audio Cassette copying


Audio Cassette Duplication / Audio Tape Copying

Audio Cassette Duplication.

Cassette duplication. Cassettes still have place for distributing both music and spoken word, with cassette players found in most homes and business.

Professionally duplicated cassettes achieve very high levels of sound quality. You can rely on our 'Duplication Grade'™ Ferric tape, and crystal C-Zeros (the cassette shell) to guarantee excellent sound reproduction. For even higher quality you can specify 'Chrome' tape at a small extra cost.

Once duplicated your cassettes are printed with a white 'onbody' print to your specification.

In short, a well presented cassette can create impact and add value to your brand, now a days giving a 'retro' vibe !

Effective minimum quantities for production are 100 units.

Audio Cassette Packaging Options:

Audio Cassette Packaging - Card Slip Cases.

Cassette Slip Cases

You can choose from a range of options to package your cassettes:

Slipcases: A high impact slip card printed 4 colour process from your artwork which you can specify with a gloss UV varnish. Ideal if you intend to post out your cassettes due to their light weight and durability.

Library Case: The traditional method of cassette packaging. You can choose between Black or Crystal from stock, with colour options also available.

Library Case Inserts: We can print and then insert inserts in to your library cases. Our standard inserts have up to 3 flaps and are printed 4 face, 1 colour on the reverse. You have the option to print full colour both sides if needed.


What you need to send:

Before quoting we will need to know how long your cassette will be as a 'C' length. I.e. a cassette that is 5 minutes per side will be a C10. When we quote for duplicating your cassettes the price will be based on you supplying the following:

DAT Master or CD Master. Containing your content. If supplying a CD please note which will be the last track on side 1 (and check this matches your print !)

Film Artwork. Films you supply will need to be to our size and technical specifications. If you need us to produce your films we can. We should be able to make up the text for your onbody print with out specific artwork from you. For slipcases and inserts we will need 'ready to run' Mac Quark files.

Copyright Disclaimer. Before copying any music we will need you to sign a disclaimer confirming that you own the copyright, or have permission from the copyright owner to make copies.

  PACE Police Interview Audio Cassettes.

PACE Police interview cassettes.

PACE Interview Cassettes

We continue to support the PACE audio cassette interview recorder, and supply PACE interview cassettes with a customised force label. Please contact us with your requirements.

If you use a new PACE system using blank recordable CDs or DVDs we supply pre printed blanks to your specification.

  Cassette to CD or MP3 Transfer

We offer an audio cassette to CD transfer service. Ideal for transferring valuable content (a lot of our work is police evidence cassettes) to CD or MP3 file for archiving and easier distribution. Simply send us your Audio Cassette(s) and we'll return a CD containing the MP3's.

Of course we can make extra CD copies too !

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