CD Copy and Print.

A full duplication and print service for Bands and Musicians.  Printed CDs, Copied CDs and Printed Packaging.

CD Printing and Copying. 

We've been printing and copying CDs for Bands, Musicians and leading creative agencies for over 20 years and use that experiance to make the order process for you as easy as possible, ensuring you get exactly the CD manufacturing you need, when you need it. 

Our wide range of CD options give you flexible order quantities and affordable packaging options. Our Litho printed disc and packaging options give you a  high end colour calibrated service for higher quantities.  

Some examples of our work: 

CD Recordable 

Digitally printed CD-Rs are idea where you need small order quantities or fast turnaround. Choose Litho or Screen printing for better better quality. 

Pressed CDs

'Pressed' or Silver CDs are the way to go if you need quantities of 500 or more giving you lower costs and colour Litho printing as standard. 

CD Printing

Digital, Screen and Litho Printing options are available, with Screen and Litho options giving colour calibrated results.  

PVC Wallets

The perfect low cost CD and DVD packaging option. ideal for posting and also hold a standard CD booklet. 


A colour printed card wallet is a nice choice for your title, giving good visual impact and ideal for posting. 


The classic CD packaging, usually combined with CD booklets  and backliners. As an option, choose printed 'Digi-Pak' style tray and card packs.