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CD Artwork

General Notes:

This page should be read in conjunction with the artwork specification specific to your print job. Please take the time to check your artwork against both documents. If you have any questions we are here to help. Don't hesitate to contact us.


Links to specific Specifications.

Standard CD
8cm Baby CD
CD Business Cards
Printed card / paper packaging

Design notes:

We use a range of printing methods depending on your job, and each method will give a slightly different result. It's important to try and optimise your design to your selected printing method. Many clients choose to have their CDs Litho or Screen Printed. Litho printed for CMYK matched full colour, Screen print for pantone matched single or 'spot' colours.

For best results from Screen Printing please consider the points below when creating your design.

  • Remember that for single or 'spot' colour designs the base colour of your CD will be silver which will give less contrast than your paper visual. If you need white it counts as an extra colour. See note regarding Tints & Graduations.
  • Your inkjet or laser printed paper visuals will be printed at a higher resolution, using a different printing process and on a different medium to that used when printing your CDs. This means that your design may look different when printed on a CD. Extra proofing options are available if you need them.
  • Graduated tints can sometimes 'band' in single or spot colour screen printing giving an obvious step from dark to light.
  • Tints generally look lighter when screen printed and may need 'boosting'. A 20% increase is often required, i.e. a 10% black tint may need upping to 30% to give the expected result when screen printed.
  • Spot colour tints generally require a white base for best results. If printed on silver expect less contrast and a lighter result than if on white.
  • Some Pantone colours appear translucent on a silver background (including but not limited to Rhodamine Red, Reflex Blue, Process Yellow, P109, 116, 123 etc.).
  • Large area's of solid colour are generally best screen printed in Spot colour.
Help us to minimise the time your job spends in Repro:
  • Ideally your artwork should be supplied as a PDF (not condensed, fonts to outline). We can also deal with the following formats listed in order of preference: EPS files (fonts to outline), Illustrator & Photoshop files. We can also accept Mac Quark documents (Include all fonts and original graphics used in the design)
  • Send artwork via email (Max file size 3mb).
  • For large files we recommend the FREE http://www.mailbigfile.com service or Dropbox.
  • Run out a black & white laser of each colour separation and send with a colour proof. Check these separations are correct.
  • Check the number of colours actually used in your artwork against the number of colours you expect us to print and that we have quoted for.
  • Images should be in CMYK format for full colour jobs otherwise spot colour.
  • Do not send RGB images.
  • Do not 'Bleed' on CD designs.
  • Please include registration marks but remove key lines.
  • Do not blank out the inner spindle hole on CD designs. We will do this for you.
  • Do centre all the appropriate elements.

Prior to printing we will ask you to confirm your artwork is correct via an emailed low resolution pdf. To minimise turnaround times please fax back (01952 811 438) your approval ASAP.

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Important: We accept no responsibility for any variation between your digital artwork and eventual film output.

Important: For full colour work we recommend you approve colour proofs generated from final film or a High Quality paper output.

Important: Screen and Litho print are your best choices if you need to match to specific pantone colours or when colour accuracy are critical to you or your client.

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