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CD Dupe or Replication
  CD Duplication


Reproduce your CDs with Sabre Mediacopy


Also referred to as 'CD Replication' or 'CD Pressing', this service is ideal when you need larger volumes of CDs copied and printed.

If you need CDs in quantities of 500 or more, this process gives you the most cost effective way to reproduce your CDs.

Duplicating your CDs in this way gives your product the very best combination of quality and presentation, with a FULL colour Litho print as standard giving a music industry standard 'Retail' finish for maximum impact.

Our manufacturing process means your CDs are more durable and reliable than CD-R's, and when you duplicate your CDs with us you can be assured that they will be manufactured to a quality which exceeds industry standards.

Your CDs are manufactured using an injection moulding process where your data is added to the CD at the point of manufacture. There is no separate recording process, which reduces cost and enhances reliability.

Although our CD Replication service is designed for larger volumes, you don't have to compromise on turnaround. You will usually receive your duplicated CDs in 7 to 10 working days depending on our workflows. Call or Email now for our current lead times.

Glass Mastering

CD (and DVD) Manufacture begins with our factory's in-house Glass Mastering process. The Glass Master is effectively the mould used in the injection moulding process.

The Glass Master is critical to ensuring your duplicated CDs will work over the widest possible range of CD readers. (The cost of advising your customers over the phone every time they don't work doesn't bear thinking about).

Don't forget, there are a multitude of of CD drive manufacturers; four or more CD 'Standards'; and a plethora of permutations. 'Glass mastering' is the foundation stone for everything that happens afterwards in CD duplication. Any fault and everything that follows is "built on sand", and of course we take equal care during the rest of the production process.

CD Packaging

Printed, Copied CD with DVD Case & Printed Wrap.

CD with DVD Case & Printed Wrap.

Have your CDs returned to you bulk packed, or in clear flapped PVC wallets (inc. a self-adhesive version) or in Jewel Cases. We can also litho print full colour jewel case insert sets and supply full colour printed CD Card wallets. If you have your own CD packaging, we can consolidate it with your CDs.

In addition you can choose from our range of DVD packaging.

CD Artwork Requirements


To minimise lead times & costs artwork should be supplied to our print specifications.

Artwork guide for CD print & packaging


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