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Printed CD Booklets, Inserts, Liners for CD Jewel Cases.
    Printed CD Inserts & Booklets.


CD Booklet & Backliner set.

CD Booklet & Back-liner set. Notice the spine information on the backliner.

Printed CD Booklets and Tray Inserts with Jewel Cases are the default music industry packaging for audio CDs. As ever there are a number of differing names for these items:

  • CD Booklets
  • CD Inserts
  • CD Inlays
  • CD Tray Liners / Jewel Case back liners
  • CD Covers
  • CD Back Liners

Printed Inserts for CD Jewel Cases come in two parts. The element that fits in the front of the jewel case takes the form of a booklet, sometimes reduced to a single printed sheet.

The second element sits below the 'tray' section of the Jewel Case and is usually known as a 'Back-liner'. The backliner provides the 'spine' information by virtue of upturned end sections, the element forming a wide, shallow 'u' shape.

Our CD Booklet \ Back-liners printing service allows for ultra short runs in quantities of just 20 and up. For small orders we use a digital printing process, printing in full colour. Our digitally printed Back-liners have creased spines.

For larger runs, typically 100 or more, you get better value by choosing our CMYK Litho printing process. This gives you a colour accurate print and perforated spines on your Back-liners.

Estimated turnaround is around 4 working days for our short run digital service and around 7 working days for longer runs Litho printed.



Also use with:


CD Booklet in a slim line jewel case.

Slim-line jewel cases do not require a back-liner.

Printed CD Booklets can be used with other types of CD packaging. When used with 'Slimline' jewel cases they look excellent and save you needing to produce a back liner, a useful cost saving when producing small orders.

CD Booklets can also be packed with CDs or DVDs into clear PVC wallets, producing a light weight yet durable item that is very professional.

The CD Booklet and PVC Wallet combination also make a very cost effective direct mail items. A stamp and address sticker on the reverse and they travel well in the post.

CD Booklet and Back-liner artwork:

Click on these links to view our artwork specifications for CD Booklets & Backliners:

Printed CD Booklet & Back-liner artwork Guide


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