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Replicated or Recordable
  Replicate CDs & DVDs or Copy Recordable media ?

Gold CD-R
Original "Gold" CD-Rs are still available for CD Copying and CD Printing.

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The best way to understand the difference between Replicated CDs & DVDs and Recordable CDs & DVDs (CD-RS & DVD-Rs) is to think of Recordables as blank Audio Cassettes. You buy blanks and then record data (music) onto them later. 'Pressed' or 'Replicated' CDs or DVDs are like records, in that they are manufactured with the data (music) imprinted on it.

The common link between copied Recordable DVDs or CDs and those made by Replicating is that once they are written or pressed, there is no going back. If your master is not correct we can not re-record.

Recordable media is ideal for short or urgent Duplication orders because they don't incur the high set-up costs and longer turnaround times associated with CD & DVD Replication.

However for larger CD & DVD runs of around 500 or more, Recordables work out more expensive than Replicated DVDs or CDs. This is because the 'duplication' is a separate stage in the production process and CD-R and DVD-R blank media costs more to manufacture and has higher printing costs.

Replicating CDs is great when you have a CD or DVD Duplication run of 500 or more and have longer than a week to do them. While the set-up costs to 'Replicate' are initially high, over a large number of units the cost per CD or DVD is lower than Recordable media.

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