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DVD duplication machines

DVD & CD Duplication, Copying and Printing Equipment

We use and distribute Epson professional CD, DVD & Blu-Ray duplication equipment, and also offer products from Microboards.

Epson duplicators & printers have been tried and tested by us in our professional duplication facility, so you can be sure that your duplicator & printer will be more than a match for your most demanding media printing copying tasks.

Our range of CD, DVD & Blu-Ray duplicators and printers are simple to use and are built to industrial design standards while being compact, giving you desktop operation.

All machines now copy both CDs and DVDs and there are Blu-Ray options for most copying machines.

Best of all our duplication and printing machines are robust and very easy to use, meaning training is minimised.

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CD Tower duplicator.

Copywriter Blu-Ray towers

Multiple drive Manually operated CD, DVD & Blu-Ray duplicators.

These systems are designed for low cost, high output applications where labour costs are low, and give you maximum throughput for your ££££.

Tower systems come with between 1 and 8 CD/DVD drives. Duplication towers are 'Stand Alone' and do not need a PC or MAC host.

High speed combo writers mean that both CDs and DVDs can be copied on the same machine.

NEW - Blu-Ray Tower Duplicator range



>> CD Publishing Systems

Epson PP-100 publishing system

Epson PP-100 automated printer and copier.

CD / DVD Publishing Systems combine autoloader duplication technology with a printer, giving you a system that prints and copies CDs / DVDs / Blu-Ray discs 'hands off' in bulk.

Our range of Publishing systems incorporate software from their respective manufacturers that gives networking, CD / DVD / Blu-Ray mastering, print image control, CD / DVD / Blu-Ray image control and statistical reporting, depending on which system you choose.

These publishing systems have supply hoppers and accept hoppers with capacities from 50 to 550 discs and two CD/DVD drives to five CD/DVD drives.


  • All our inkjet CD printers print using 'inkjet printable' media and will also print appropriate DVDs and Blu-Ray media.

>> CD Printers (Auto)

PP-100 Autoprinter

Flashjet 4800 CD Printer

Automated CD Printers.

Our CD printer range consists of 3 robotic printers which give you automatic, unattended CD, DVD & Blu-Ray printing. Ideal for use alongside a Duplication Tower or automated duplication system.

Options include:

  • G3 Auto Printer.
  • PF-3 and PF Pro automated CD printers.
  • Epson PP-100AP media printer for CDs, DVDs & Blu-Ray.

Our inkjet media printers are designed to be used with 'inkjet printable' media, which is available for CD DVD & Blu-Ray media.



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