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CD inserts and packaging
  Printed CD Inserts & CD Packaging
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Our wide range of CD print and packaging gives you lots of choice when deciding on how to present your CD project.

Your selected CD packaging items are usually available from stock and in most cases you don't have to worry about minimum quantities.

'Litho' printed CD case inserts or Printed card wallets usually take 7 or 8 working days to produce from your Artwork OK, and the minimum quantities for Litho printed items is usually 500 depending on the item.

Digitally printed CD inserts can be produced in very small quantities and very quickly, and easily combined with printed CDs and packaging items from stock.

CD Booklets & inlays for Jewel Cases Printing service for CD Inserts.

The 'classic' CD packaging solution, featuring CD jewel cases, front booklets and rear inlays.

Your CD booklet or insert sits in the front of the CD jewel case while the rear inlay, the sheet that sits under the tray, gives the 'spines'. CD Booklets are printed full colour front and back as standard, with a Black print on the inside. Your rears inlays are printed full colour, one side only.

Options include full colour printing throughout for the booklets and inlays, coloured or clear jewel case trays, slimline double "2 way" CD jewel cases, and "3 way" or "4 way" thick style jewel cases.


CD & DVD Card Wallets

CD Card Wallet. Printed full colour.

Card wallets add value to your CDs, making a quality pack that is both durable and lightweight.

NEW: CD Card Wallets, printed Full colour and in short runs. Digitally printed in full colour using pre-cut, 'self seal' blank card, our new service gives you colour printed card wallets in ultra short runs of as few as 20.

Your larger runs of CD card wallets (500 or more) are Litho printed in CMYK full colour on to 190gsm card. They are then and coated with a gloss UV varnish, die cut and then glued. Your minimum quantity for Litho printed CD card wallets is 500.

Don't forget we also sell unprinted white card wallets.



digipak - 4 panel with clear tray.

Digipack's give you premium card based packaging for CDs and DVDs.

Your design is printed in full colour on to card which is then cut, folded and glued. A 'Clear' tray is added which holds your CD or DVD Media. Our standard digi-pack is 4 panel and has a 9mm spine.

Our short run digital service gives you digipacks in quantities from 20 and up, while our Litho printed option is good value for 500 or more.


PVC Wallets

PVC Wallets

PVC, (actually PP) wallets are the most cost effective and simple packaging solution for both CDs and DVD.

Lightweight and durable they are ideal for CDs that are to be mailed out. Their clear design means that an insert is optional, allowing your CD design to show through.


5.2mm 'CD Single' Jewel Cases

Slimline CD Case & Insert

Our 'crystal' 5.2mm CD Single style cases are brilliant, giving your CD package a quality look and feel, while saving your budget by dispensing with the Rear inlay.

5.2mm slimeline CD cases are a 2 piece item and do not need the separate 'rear inlay' as found in standard jewel cases, saving you cost when you are producing CDs in short runs.

Accepting a standard 120mm square CD booklet, they do not need expensive 'die cut' J-Card inserts like traditional CD single cases, which means you can easily produce inserts using your colour laser for those emergency or cost conscious jobs.

You can choose Slimline CD cases in a range of colours: Green, Violet, Orange, Pink, Blue, Clear (standard, pictured) and Black.


C-shells / Clam Shells

C-Shell in Green

C-Shells are an increasingly popular packaging choice, giving your CD project an attractive and protective finish.

You can choose C-Shells in a range of colours:

Clear (Std), Red, Green (pictured), Yellow, Blue, Violet, Black and White. The 2 hole 'Binder' option is an ideal way of Combining CDs with 'loose leaf' documentation.

You have the option to enhance your project by printing your logo or branding directly onto the C-Shell.

Blu-Ray Packaging All the above packaging options for CDs and DVDs are also applicable to Blu-Ray media. We offer a printing service for all types of Blu-Ray packaging.

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