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  CD Mastering
  How to Supply CD Masters for duplication.

CD Mastering

A CD produced via our CD Printing service.


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CD printed insert

We offer CD duplication or copying for almost all CD formats, including:

  • Audio
  • ROM Mode 1
  • ROM Mode 2
  • Mixed Mode
  • Multi-session
  • Blue Book/Multi-session
  • Mac HFS
  • Hybrid Mac/ISO 9660

But we CANNOT reproduce CDs from masters in 'Packet' Format (Commonly used by 'drag and drop' CD-RW software).

When mastering your CD prior to duplication we recommend that you:

  • Use CD Recording Software (Roxia \ Nero etc) NOT desktop 'Drag and Drop'.
  • Set your recording software to 'Disk at Once'. For data CDs use only a Single Track, Produce Single Session masters, Avoid multi session masters. Use CD-ROM (mode 1). Use CD-XA (Mode 2) only when specifically required for your application.
  • Some CD Re-Writable recorders default to 'packet' format and will produce a CD that is not suitable for use as a master.
  • Ensure that the file system you select is appropriate for your target operating system(s). Some operating systems have file systems that are case sensitive, some may not recognise special characters in file names and some may truncate file names over a certain length.
  • Use good quality CD-R media (that matches the speed of your recorder). Virus check & test your master on its target computer type(s). Repeat your virus checks and tests. We often find clients choose to re do their job's because of content problems that come to light once their CD is in distribution.
  • Use a soft tipped permanent marker to ID the master with your company name, date and product title. Remember that the TOP of the CD is the most delicate, as this is the recording layer. Ball point and hard tipped pens will damage your master.
If you need help with mastering your CD, we recommend talking to Creative Technology, on 01889 567160.
Glass Mastering This is the process we use to create the 'mould' used to create 'pressed' CDs. There is no chance of erroneous data being introduced into your data during the glass mastering stage. This is because your master is placed directly into a Laser Beam Recorder, where the data is read and placed directly to the glass master. Hence there is no temporary storage of data between your master and the Glass Master. Because the Glass Master is produced directly form your master, scuffs, scratches, poor media (and/or recording) may cause the process to fail. We will then require a new master. Packet format CDs will also fail at this stage.
'Pre Production' Samples

In the case of CD-Recordable and Floppy disk duplication we are happy to provide a 'Pre Production' sample for you to sign off. Please specify on your order. Production of your job without Pre Production sign off is at your risk.

For CD Pressing orders, we are unable to provide 'Pre Production' samples. Due to the Glass Mastering process the data on the finished CDs will match that of your original master - please see our notes on 'Glass Mastering'.

Floppy Disk Masters

We can duplicate most common floppy disk formats including Mac DS/HD and PC DS/HD and DS/DD.

We do not copy the old Mac 800k DS/DD type format.

Use the Write Protect tab to make your floppy 'read only', Virus test and check the content on its target computer type. Supply masters marked with your company name, date and product title.

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