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"Crystal Duplication Grade" Floppies. Yellow and Green also available.
diskette duplication

When it comes to floppy disk duplication, we'll copy literally ANY quantity for you. Fast. You'll only get the highest quality "Duplication Grade" disks, and we'll test them for you during copying, and again after completion. Before your disks are sent to you we'll test them for viruses. We'll do this for you, and still not compromise the 'Fast Turnaround' that has made us quite famous. The vast majority of our customers receive their orders the NEXT DAY.

Current formats include DS\HD 1.44Mb.

Pre-Formatted Discs For bulk purchases you will save with our pre-formatted disks (You will save over 2 hours work on just 50 disks!) - all quality controlled during and after formatting. For extra reliability we use our high quality Duplication Grade disks, so you benefit from the same specification media that our duplication customers depend on.
Options Our copying service gives you a black and white label to your design for FREE. Extra options include Coloured disks, iMac style disks, Shutter printed disks, and the application of your labels. Ask about our diskette packaging options.
Diskette Laser labels Use our diskette Laser labels to produce your own label designs in house. A4 sheets each with 10 labels. 1000 labels per pack. Acceptable to most print shops for overprinting. Our diskette labels are compatible with laser, inkjet and colour printers.
Mastering Click here for information on supplying us with master floppy discs for duplication.

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