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Live recording to CD


Copy Writer Live

Live sound to CD

record live audio direct to CD.

Price: 564.00

NEW - The CopyWriter Live combines the flexibility of cassette tapes with the quality and longevity of CDs, in one low-cost, easy to use unit.

Record Audio 'live' from practically any audio or video source, including the live feed from a microphone or mixer. The Copywriter Live even jumps to the second disc when the first one becomes full.

The CopyWriter Live is perfect for making backup copies, or archiving the audio feed from your videos to CD for playback in most CD or DVD players.

It's easy to use, make a high quality Audio CDs, on the first try, every time.

Ideal for recording your events, and gives your organisation a new revenue opportunities from the sale of CDs from their events.

  • Church services
  • Live Music
  • Conferences
  • Concerts
All prices plus Delivery and VAT.  

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