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dvd authoring
  DVD Authoring & Creation.

DVD authoring. The phrase 'DVD Authoring' refers to the process of taking video content, processing it and transferring the final version to a DVD master. These days a DVD-R created on your PC or Mac is fine for all types of DVD reproduction.

Most projects will require Mpeg encoding and the provision of a basic menu. More complex projects may require features including Title sequence's, backgrounds, multi layered Menu's, Chapter breaks, Foreign language audio tracks and Sub titles. Web links can also be added. For commercial release copy protection and region coding may also be required.

It's worth noting that region codes are added in software, and are optional. A DVD with no region code will not be restricted by country.

As with most 'multi media' projects DVD Authoring requires both creative and technical input. The quality of the source material be it video or graphical, will determine how the end result will look once all the technical processes have been completed.

As a rough rule of thumb a DVD-5 will hold around 2 hours of video or 4.7Gb of data . If your program length is longer then you probably need DVD-9.

Need us to Quote?

If you would like us to quote for your Authoring Project then we need to know as much information as you can give us. Ideally as a minimum:

  • Length of your video content
  • PAL or NTSC
  • Details of your proposed menu structure and number of chapter breaks.
  • The format you propose to supply Graphics and Video.
  • Details of any Sub Titles and / or extra audio tracks.
See also Our Video to DVD transfer service for simple projects requiring a direct transfer of Video to DVD.

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