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small order fast turnaround DVDs

  DVD Copying.

DVD Copying Machine

DVD Copying Machine

DVD Copying. If you need DVD copies made quickly or in low volumes, you should consider producing DVD Recordables using our fast turnaround DVD copy and print service.

You get error-free copies made with our DVD 'Duplication Grade'™ media on our professional DVD copying machines (so no re-runs) and you'll get your order for straight DVD copying NEXT DAY, so saving yourself a lot of time, money and hassle. Our minimum quantity for copying is 1.

Your DVD copying order will be subjected to rigorous multi stage quality checks throughout the copying process.

If you choose to have printed DVDs your artwork will be proofed back to you for OK prior to printing. Once printed and copied, care is taken to ensure you order is packed robustly ready for shipping, usually via our shipping partner UPS.

For extra important or urgent jobs ask for your DVD duplication jobs to be shipped on UPS's next day 10.30 service.

  DVD Printing.


Duplicated and Printed DVD


DVD copying and Printing. Example Client CD

Printed and Copied DVDs.

You can choose between several DVD printing or labelling options for your DVD Duplication job:

  • DVD 'Litho' printing. Colour accurate, high resolution 'wet ink' printing giving 'retail quality' DVDs in full colour. The creative's choice for full colour DVD printing.
  • DVD 'screen' printing. Ideal for 'spot' colour printing where accurate colour is key. A high quality finish and ideal for creative's & agencies.
  • DVD 'Digital' Full colour print. The DVD printing option for full colour DVDs in low quantities. A lower cost Black on White option is perfect for printing DVDs for internal applications.

Please see our DVD Printing page for a full explanation for each option. When comparing quotes from other companies be sure that the printing method is 'like for like' as there are big differences in price and quality between different printing methods.

DVD Packaging: Have your DVDs returned to you bulk packed, or in clear flapped PVC wallets (inc. a self-adhesive version), or in Jewel Cases or in DVD cases.

We can digitally print a range of inserts and booklets for DVD cases. See our Short Run Insert Printing page for details. If you have your own DVD packaging, we can consolidate it with your DVDs.

DVD Printing & Artwork. When we quote for producing duplicated & printed DVDs, our quote will be based on you providing 'ready to run' digital artwork files. To minimise lead times & costs artwork should be supplied to our print specifications.

Click on the link to view our artwork needs.

DVD Printing Artwork Guide

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