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DVD Mastering


DVD Mastering.


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DVD-R masters are perfect for most duplication jobs, for both our Short Run / Fast Turnaround Service and our 'pressed' DVD Replication service for longer runs. Typically a DVD-R master is perfect for DVD 5 and DVD 9 jobs - single and dual layer.

These days it's easy to create a DVD master using freely available software and most computers shipping with a DVD Writer. However we'd suggest it's good practice to test your master on as many DVD players as you can.

For peace of mind we are happy to supply a 'pre production' sample for you to test prior to duplication when your order is for DVD-Rs.

DVD-RAM masters are not acceptable.

  DLT Tapes.
Some larger DVD formats for 'pressing', ie. DVD-10 and DVD-18, please check before sending, may require DLT tape masters. Specification below:

Digital Linear Tape (DLT) Specification. The ANSI labelled tape has to hold 3 files in order to make a proper image for LBR mastering:

  • control.dat
  • image.dat / main.dat
  • DDPID (ddp 2.00 protocol)

File Names: DDPID and DDPMS will be combined into one file named DDPID. Lead-in control data file is set in DDPMS map packet 1. DVD image file name is set in DDPMS map packet 2.

File contents: Lead-in control data will contain one 32k block of the DVD lead-in control data. DVD image file will contain unscrambled 2048 bytes per sector and is program data only. DVD image file must contain a multiple of 32,768 bytes. Lead-in, middle area and lead-out are not allowed in the DVD image file.

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