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CD and DVD 'How To'
  Answers to CD & DVD production questions:
  This section links together all the information on the site to help you answer common questions.
Recordable or Pressed Media ?

How to choose between 'recordable' or 'pressed' CDs and DVDs, giving the key differences and benefits.

Recordable v Pressed

Pressed v Recordable

How best to print your CDs and DVDs ?

The lowdown on the different methods for printing optical media.

CD and DVD printing

Screen & Litho printing

'Wet' ink based printing methods for longer runs:

screen and litho CD DVD Printing

Digital Printing

Inkjet & Thermal printing for CDs and DVDs:

Digital CD and DVD Printing

Artwork & Mastering

The quality of our print & duplication for you depends largely on the quality of the artwork and master you give us. Here are links to guidance on producing high quality artwork for print:

artwork for CD and DVD printing

Sending Artwork

Do's and Don't to check before sending your artwork:

CD and DVD artwork Do's and Don'ts


Create perfect masters for duplication:

CD Mastering

DVD Mastering

The best Supplier for you ? Choose the best CD and DVD supplier

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