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  When you come to produce CDs and DVDs you may be surprised to find that we sometimes quote for doing the same job in 2 different ways. Printing & Duplicating 'Recordable Media' and 'Pressing' your job
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Whats the difference ? Its easiest to think of Recordable media as being similar in function to a 'blank' video cassette or audio tape. You buy a blank cassette and then record it in a recorder. A 'blank' CD-R or DVD-R is also made with the ability to record and store data, but using a computer based recorder. This extra functionality, the ability to record & store data AND allow it to play back makes recordable media more flexible than 'Pressed' CDs.

'Pressed' CDs are manufactured with the data on them, they have no facility to be recorded to later.

Need more time ? Recordable media is great for for producing CDs or DVDs in small quantities or very quickly. We take our 'Duplication Grade' Recordable media, print it and then record it. Our 'print' then 'duplicate' sequence of production gives you valuable extra time, allowing you to finalise your master while we get on with printing your job.

If printing is not required, you can order large quantities of duplicated recordable CDs or DVDs which we can ship on a next day basis.


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Changeable Content ? If your content is subject to regular change recordable media can be pre printed and then duplicated in small volumes as required. Many of our clients order printed media which they duplicate 'in house' on demand. Other clients ask us to hold their pre printed media which they 'call off', often sending a new master for each new duplicated batch.

Urgent Job ? Recordable CDs and DVDs can be produced much quicker than 'Pressing' because the production process is simplified. For exceptionally urgent jobs we have printed, duplicated & shipped CD-Rs in less than 24 hours. In more usual circumstances production time is usually around 4 days.

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