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Choose the right print for you
  Choosing the right printing for your job:
Digital, Screen or Litho ? I've just counted 7 different possible printing methods for CDs and DVDs ! Choosing between all these different printing methods for your CD or DVD job is probably the most confusing part of producing a CD or DVD job for the first time.

Top. CMYK screen print. Bottom. 2 Spot colour screen print.

This is critical. The way your CDs or DVDs are printed will directly impact on how your finished product will look to your customer. The different printing methods offer different levels of cost, quality and turnaround, and what may be appropriate for 1 job my not be appropriate for another.

CD and DVD Printing may be divided up into 2 categories, 'Wet' printing using mixed inks and 'Digital' printing using cartridge or ribbon based technologies.

Screen and Litho printing come under the 'wet' category. If you are ordering 200 or more then it will generally be more cost effective to Screen or Litho print. Screen and Litho printing is the process used to print almost all 'Retail' CDs, and gives a very high quality finish. Our CDs and DVDs are screen printed using specialist, Hi-capacity CD & DVD printing equipment, and all our screen printing is colour matched using the Pantone system.

If you need 'Retail' Quality in small runs we are happy to Screen and Litho print your CD and DVD orders of 50 or more.

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Digital Printing. If you are ordering less then 200 CDs it's likely that a digital inkjet print will be for you.

We give you 3 digital print choices. The first, Full Colour inkjet printing gives you 'short run' full colour printing while giving you a gloss, permanent and moisture resistant print in conjunction with Taiyo Yuden "Watershield" media.

Your second choice is our 'Budget' colour printing, using the same inkjet process but with our AQ 'matt' finish media. Both choices produce fine results with photo based designs and give you fast turnaround on small quantities.

The third choice, our 'Black Inkjet' service gives you an economy 'black on white' print option for small quantities. This is ideal for simple text & logo designs where a low unit cost is the main consideration. Quick to produce and simple to setup. Just email your text and logo.

We also have a 'Colour Thermal' print capability which may be appropriate for some designs. This is a digital 'ribbon' based technology which gives a on disk full colour print that is durable and moisture resistant.

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