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Home Index page welcome to Sabre Mediacopy's web site

CD CD Index  
CD Copying short run / Fast turnaround print & copy service.
CD Duplication for larger runs of duplicated & printed CDs.
CD Printing for CD Recordable media. Print now and burn later.
"CD-Different" CD variations inc. 8cm CDs and CD Business cards.
CD Insert Printing (digital) Digital printing for smaller runs of CD booklets and inserts, also covering Video and DVD cover sheets.
How to choose between 'Pressed' (Replicated) or 'Recordable' CDs? explains the benefits of each.
CD Mastering learn how to produce the best master CD.
CD Duplication Equipment our selection of CD & DVD duplication machines.
CD Print Artwork Spec's look here for guidance and technical information.
Choose the best Duplication supplier even I get confused by some of our competitor quotes and I've been in the business for 12 years! This page will help you ask the right questions and decode the quotes.
  Inkjet CD printing New service reproducing your designs on gloss 'photo quality' CD-Rs in small runs.
  Event CDs for Bands Schools and Theatres. We can print and copy CDs and DVDs of your event, concert, theatrical performance or gig so that you can resell them to fans.
  CD Card Wallets Printed CD Card Wallets. Part of our CD Inserts and Packaging range.

DVD DVD Index  
  DVD Copying Short run / Fast turnaround DVD duplication and printing service based on DVD Recordable technology.
  DVD Duplication 'DVD Pressed' or 'DVD Replication' service designed for larger runs. The service includes 'Glass Mastering' and a on-disc screen print as standard.
  DVD Cover Sheets Printing service for printed DVD Packaging.
  DVD Printing Printing options for your DVD job and details of our DVD recordable 'print-only' service.
DVD Overview info and notes on the DVD format.
DVD Authoring an overview of DVD authoring issues.
DVD Print Artwork Spec's look here for guidance and technical information.
  DVD Duplication Equipment Our selection of desk-top CD & DVD duplication machines.
DVD Mastering learn how to produce the best DVD master.
  Inkjet printed DVDs Print your full colour designs in short runs. Gloss 'photo quality' finish on our 'duplication grade'™ DVD media.
  Packaging & Inserts for DVDs A range of printed paper, card and plastic DVD Packaging.
  DVD Printing for photographers Printed DVDs for photographers. Brand DVDs with you company information and use them to distribute your work.

USB USB index  
  USB Flash Duplication & Printing Print, copy and duplication service for USB memory sticks.
  USB Read Only / Write protected memory sticks Protect your important presentation or content from deletion.
  USB Coloured memory sticks Choose any pantone colour for your order on quantities over 500 units.
  USB Copying Machines Duplication and Copy machines for producing USB sticks
  USB Memory Stick Artwork. Artwork specification for USB memory stick printing.

3D Printing 3D printing index  
  3D printing service overview An overview of our 3D printing service.
  How does 3D printing work? How 3D printing works.
  Which 3d printed material? Choosing the best 3D printing material for your project.
  Material Properties Physical properties of 3D printed materials.
  3D Printing FAQs Frequently Asked Questions.
  Get a quote for 3D Printing Get a quote for your 3D printing job.

Retro Media Legacy formats index Obsolete, old and unfashionable ? We still support 'legacy' media formats
Floppy Disk Floppy Disk Duplication floppy disk copying, duplication and pre formatting.
  Disk Artwork and Printing artwork specifications for diskette labels and shutter printing.
Video Tape media index Tape or cassette based media duplication.
  VHS Video Duplication VHS copying with options for overseas formats.
VHS Video Encoding converting your video master to Mpeg or Quicktime.
Video to DVD Transfer put your video on to a DVD.
Cassette Audio Cassette Duplication professional cassette duplication & onbody print.

About About Us index Company information about Sabre Mediacopy
Company History from 5.25" floppy disk duplication to DVDs.
Fair Pricing Policy our commitment to easy to understand pricing.
Customer Service the foundation on which we've built the business.
Client Testimonials nice things said about us by our clients.
Case Studies examples of how we've helped our clients achieve the improbable against the odds.
FAQ's covering media duplication and print. Recommended reading.
Terms & Conditions the small print. Our obligations to you, and your obligations to us when you place an order.
  Marketing lots about our duplication & print services
  Placing an Order? What to do next if you are placing a CD or DVD duplication order.
  "HOW TO" This section links together all the information on the site to help you answer common questions.
  About Poppy Part time office help of the noisy canine kind
  Portfolio & Gallery Examples of our own work, plus inspirational objects we've seen & clicked.

Contact Contact us now place and order, request a quote or just say hello.

European Duplication CD DVD USB et imprimer pour nos clients français. CD DVD USB duplication and print for our French Clients.
  Copia duplicazione e stampa per CD & DVD USB | Italiano CD DVD USB copy and print for our Italian clients.
  Duplicação e Impressão de CD e DVD USB | Português CD DVD USB duplication and print for our Portugese clients
  Bedrucken, Vervielfältigen und Kopieren von CDs und DVDs Our services in German.

Links   External Links to our other web sites / services . . .
  sms text messaging We provide a text to web service which lets your customers contact you by sms text, and which lets you read and reply to their messages from any computer with a internet connection. See our computer text messaging web site for full details.
  Ski Instructor & Alpine Skiing Development Coach As well as running Sabre Mediacopy our Managing Director is an Internationally qualified ski coach.

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