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  Welcome to Sabre Software Development's SMS text-connect web site.  

Sabre Text Connect™ makes it possible for businesses and organisations to send & receive customer sms text messages on their desktop computers.

Developed to be affordable for small and medium sized business Text Connect™ is simple to use. It offers you the chance of improved sales yet lower costs by making it easy for your customers to get in touch, while at the same time reducing your need to service verbal phone calls.


Text Connect™ gives you a unique text 'reply to' number. Text messages from your customers (bookings, appointments or enquiries etc.) are sent to your 'in box' which you can access from any computer connected to the internet. Operating just like web based email, you can reply to text messages from your computer.

Your reply sms (confirmations, costs etc) sent from your computer will arrive on your customers mobile phone as a normal text, which they in turn can text a response to in the normal way.


Adding sms text communication to your businesses communication mix and accepting text messages from your customers will give you a real advantage. Text Connect™ makes it easy and cost effective. Browse our site to find out more and then email or call to subscribe.

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