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USB Flash Drive Print & Copy.

Produce your 'own brand' printed and labelled USBs in quantities of just 10+. Our service gives you printed and copied USBs in small orders with a fast turnaround. For small jobs we produce digitally printed 'Dome' labels. For larger quantities we screen print directly to the USB and manufacture in the Far East.

Customise your USBs with pantone colour matched bodies & write protected volumes.

If you have already have USB media and need a copy only service we can help. Our in-house large capacity machines will copy your master onto your USB media and we'll apply our usual exhaustive quality control to ensure your copies match your master.

Duplication, copying and printing service for USB Flash drives \ memory sticks.


Choose the pantone colour for your USBs on quantities over 500 units.

Protect your important presentation or content from deletion by setting your USB Volume to 'Read Only'.

High capacity duplication equipment for copying USB sticks in bulk.

  Dimensions for digitally printed USB 'Dome' labels.
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USB flash drive - copy and print

text connect branded USB stick

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