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"More than just duplication & print. We protect your Brand with professional attention to detail and high production values"
Customer comments for our CD, DVD Duplication & Print service.

Our CD, DVD & USB customers

Our renowned speed of response and flexible adaptation to your needs means you save time and money on your CD or DVD Duplication, Copy & Printing projects.

You get what you want, reliably, when you want it, precisely.

We've been successfully printing and copying media for over 20 years, for global Brands across all industry sectors. You can rely on our experience to save you time and money. We'll guide you through the process, suggest to you the optimum solution and save you from the pitfalls.

Our professional Screen and Litho printing techniques reproduce your CD and DVD designs with accurate colour, a durable print and give a high quality 'Retail' look to your project.

For urgent or cost conscious projects our digital printing technology gets you printed & copied CD, DVD & USBs 'Next Day'.

We now give you a 3D Printing service as our latest format and with high resolution 3D printing and a fast turnaround. We offer you a range of 3D Printed materials and finishes to optimise your design project.

And we continue to support 'legacy' formats like Floppy Disk and Audio Cassette duplication plus we offer a USB Printing and copying service.


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DVD copying & printing service

Blank Litho printed CDs and DVDs Litho full colour CDs and DVDs
NEW - 3D Printing Service - NEW Litho printed CDs and DVDs
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Companies, Organisations and Individuals from all industry sectors have benefited from our CD and DVD print & duplication services.
Melanoma Awareness Project
We support the 'Melanoma Awareness Project'

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