Retro formats for Bands. Mix the old & new !

In recent weeks we’ve been involved with some interesting ‘retro’ media projects, predominately bands and musicians publishing new releases on Audio Cassette.

What’s interesting is that the media is being used as way for bands to ‘add value’ and generate interest to the release, using the physical product as a promotional tool while supplying a digital download option for the actual tracks.

Recent projects have created a collectable physical product based on high quality artwork and old-skool media and have included stickers to get the word out.  Download codes have been included to facilitate distribution of the actual tracks to phones, computers and digital music players.

audio cassette pack

Audio Cassette pack, with download code and sticker.

Services like Dropcards are an elegant way of adding a controlled digital download option to your release while supplying collectable physical product. Each ‘dropcard’ is custom colour printed in a business card format and has a unique download code allowing you to control access to your digital content.

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