Blu-ray duplication and printing.

Back in the day we started out copying 5.25″ floppies moving through 2 versions of 3.5″ floppy to CD and DVD. Our experience in data duplication goes even further back with our Managing Directors summer job spent copying 8″ floppies in CP/M  for a local accountancy firm.

Our latest format is Blu-Ray.

Blu-Ray is an optical media format which follows on from DVD. As it’s name suggests it uses a ‘Blue’ laser which helps give over 5 times the storage capacity of a similar DVD. The format was initially driven by the Hollywood Film and Games industry but with the advent of HD digital video cameras and burgeoning ‘head cam’ action sports technology we’re seeing orders from smaller business and niche publishers.

We’ve targeted our Blu-Ray services at those producing smaller orders and short runs of printed & copied Blu-Ray discs and offer our full range of printing and duplication options on the new format.

These include blank, printed Blu Ray discs for you to copy ‘in house’ through to a short run copying service through to a Blu-Ray Pressing & glass mastering for longer runs.

For pricing and more information please call or email.









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